Findo’s Mousetrap is the debut novel from author Graham Paskett. It’s a modern romance that melds the Stone Tape Theory, an Anglo-Scottish laird, an Irish-American media luvvy and high-tech computer technology to unravel mysteries that have been lost to the mists of time.

Findo’s Mousetrap follows the adventures of Findo Gask and his trusty friend Mac as they and the Mousetrap solve a Royal mystery, a petty theft, and gain notoriety for their unique invention that can unlock events and emotions that have been recorded and held in the very fabric of buildings.

The drama of Findo’s Mousetrap plays out against a thoroughly 21st Century love story. We find that Findo's very traditional Scottish roots contrast sharply with that of his would-be lover Dympna Doyle's Irish-American upbringing. Will love win out in the end?

Compared to 50 Shades of Grey by some and Downton Abbey by others, Findo’s Mousetrap explores the past and the present in this fast moving story set on both sides of the Atlantic, taking in Ellis Island, the East Coast, the Scottish Highlands and modern day London. A definite must for those looking for new reading recommendation to add to their bookshelf.

Already a 4-star reviewed book on Amazon, Findo’s Mousetrap is available now on Amazon Kindle, and for iPad and other handheld devices.

Join Findo and his friends on an unforgettable journey.

Findo's Mousetrap
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