A debut novel, Findo’s Mousetrap was over 10 years in gestation by author Graham Paskett and draws upon a number of references in the real world.

It is a racy modern romance story that draws upon historical events and keeps the pace of this fast moving story surging forwards. Set in modern-day London at the heart of the media and the BBC, readers are whisked across the globe, visiting the East Coast of America, Ellis Island, the Scottish Highlands and provincial England in turns.

Historical events in the book are viewed with a modern eye – and the most modern of technology. The simmering romance between Findo and his beautiful Irish-American amour Dympna Doyle adds to the heady and dramatic cocktail of history, love and emotional turmoil. The book paints a picture of ‘old money’ versus ‘new’, and the turns of fate in history that become new beginnings for those seeking their fortunes in foreign lands, all of which makes for a compelling read.

Findo Gask’s Mousetrap invention in the book borrows heavily from The Stone Tape Theory. This is a theory that is subscribed to by a number of paranormal investigators and is a phrase originally coined in the 1970s. The basic premise of the Stone Tape Theory is that in the case of hauntings, apparitions and ghosts, there is an imprint of an event, usually of some significance, left on the material structures. When significant events take place the dramatic scenes can be trapped inside the stone and brickwork of surrounding buildings. When a series of very specific conditions are met, those images are released - rather like old magnetic recording tape - and the whole event comes back to life. This is when people see 'ghosts'.

Also making an appearance in the book, the name ‘Mousetrap’ was the one given to the camera used in 1835 when Henry Fox Talbot took the world's first photographic negative at Laycock Abbey in Wiltshire in England which is reimagined in this story.

Findo Gask, the character gets his name from the village of the same name in Perth and Kinross in Scotland; a place dear to the author Graham Paskett and that provides inspiration for the wonderful backdrop of The Strath GASK Estate, Findo’s ancestral home in the book.

Findo's Mousetrap
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